BBC World Service radio

I’d never done any radio before but I got a call out of the blue in the summer of 2011. Seeing I was travelling so often, would I mind taking a radio microphone and recording the stories I was doing anyway for the BBC World Service’s World Football show too? As it happened I was headed to Haiti shortly. I’ve been filing reports ever since.

Almost all of my travels for Thirty One Nil were recorded for the World Football show. At the top you will find a 45 minute long show, The Road to Brazil, which ran before the World Cup, charting my journey across the world to cover the qualification campaign.

The highlight, I think, was the American Samoa team. I was lucky enough to be in Samoa to capture their first ever victory on tape. Here’s a half an hour show on it.

There was also this, a report from the Confederation Cup. I kept the mic running as a riot broke out in Belo Horizonte. This report got nominated for a Radio Academy Award.

You can hear me on the World Football show most weeks. Podcasts are updated every Friday and can be found here.

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