Occasionally I get let out from behind my desk and in front of a television camera. Here’s a selection of some of my work.

These two videos were made by Ryan Smith to help promote CNN’s six-part serialisation of my book Thirty One Nil.

The first (above) covers Bosnia, who qualified for their first ever World Cup finals in 2014. Many of the players are children of refugees who fled the vicious war that killed tens of thousands in the mid-1990s.

The second covers Brazil. I was at the Confederations Cup in Brazil in 2013 and witnessed the huge street protests against the corruption and mismanagement of the World Cup that exploded on the streets.

Here’s some footage shot by filmmaker Seamus Mirodan of a riot that broke out when 300,000 people protested in Brazil after Spain beat Tahiti 10-0. Apologies for the cigarette.

And here’s something I recorded for CNN on Brazil just before the finals.

Here’s an interview I did with former US national football team coach Bob Bradley.

He was coach of the Egypt national team, charged with getting The Pharaohs to the World Cup in Brazil. But a revolution had swept Hosni Mubarak from power. On February 1st 2012, 72 fans of Al Ahly were killed in Port Said after a game against Al Masry. The fans of Ahly, the Ultras Ahlawy, played a key role in the revolution and many believe that their deaths were payback from the state for their role in the uprising.

I also go on CNN periodically to talk about some of my stories. Here’s something about my time spent with the Libya national team in Zambia. I watched them, incredibly, qualify for the African Cup of Nations whilst war was raging at home.

And, for some reason, CNN let me go out with what was essentially a mobile phone and film myself.

Just before the 2010 World Cup I tracked down the mysterious North Korean national team to a ski resort in Switzerland and followed them around for a bit.

And here’s me at St Pauli in Hamburg, Germany; the coolest club in the world.



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