Delayed Gratification

DG15-cover-299x370DG3 DG4

For the past few years I’ve been writing for a quarterly journal/magazine/book that a few friends and I started called Delayed Gratification.

It is the world’s first “slow journalism” publication. The idea is that, every quarter, we look back at the news that happened; from last month to last year to last century. With hindsight and distance, we pick at the bones left behind by the round the clock media circus after it has moved on to the next story.

Our motto is “Last to Breaking News”. I think that sums it up.

Most of the stuff I write for them isn’t about sport at all. For this story I spent a year following the English Defence League.

Delayed Gratification EDL

I also spent three months shadowing Islamic preacher and lawyer Anjem Choudary.

My favourite, though, was something about a British Army officer who decided to launch a Welsh nationalist terrorist campaign against the British state in the 1960s.

We publish every quarter and have no adverts. We’re subscription only. Think of us as a political, less successful Blizzard. But, like The Blizzard, every page you read in it is worth the time.

Our Christmas issue will be out soon. Here’s our website. Please subscribe.

I, we, hope you like it.

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