World Soccer

1 Presidential palaceRomania 1 Ultras arrive for troubleHaiti 2 Getting the stadium ready

I’ve been writing for World Soccer for eight years now. I love how it smells. And it was the first time I felt like a proper journalist rather than an imposter. The reason for this is that they gave me a picture by-line. This, for me, was the imprimatur of success. They haven’t changed it for eight years. I haven’t got the heart to tell them, or myself, that I have 80 to 85 percent less hair now than I have in that World Soccer picture by-line.

They don’t put too much of their content online, but here’s an interview with Vincent Kompany, one of the most intelligent people I’ve met, not just in football, but in life. His views on criminal rehabilitation should be taught in schools.

Oh and this. My interview with Gumar Aguiar, a billionaire who came to the rescue of Beitar Jerusalem. I later saw him smoking incredibly strong weed in a pub in Jerusalem and warned him it would blow his mind. He was later sectioned after claiming he had broken into Gaza to rescue Gilad Shalit, an IDF soldier captured in Gaza and held captive for five years. Of course, he hadn’t.

Shortly after he went back to the US where he got on his boat in Florida and disappeared without trace. His wife’s lawyer told me they suspected he had faked his own death.

And where did they think he had ended up?

Amsterdam, of course.

He’s still missing presumed dead.

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