Politico: Bombs Over Skopje

Macedonian children's paintings17 Posters for the anti government march19 Roma, Macedonian, Turkish, Albanian flags all together plus Gurevski as a criminal
All photos © James Montague

Macedonia has found itself embroiled in a huge political scandal. Over the past few months prime minister Nikola Grievski has been rocked by a series of revelations — from alleged leaked wiretaps — which appear to show his government involved in some unsavoury business.

Threats to journalists, the cover up of a young man’s murder, corruption and the loading of the judiciary are just some of the allegations. There have been huge anti and pro government protests as the opposition has released regular snippets of the recordings.

At the same time, a terror raid in the city of Kumanovo left eight policemen and 10 alleged pro-Albanian separatists dead, reviving ethnic tensions between the minority ethnic Albanians and the majority Slavic Macedonians not seen the country almost tipped into civil war back in 2001.

I went to Macedonia and spoke to both sides for Politico, and found a country on the brink.


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