BBC World Service: Macedonia Cup Final

The Macadonia Cup FinalEthnic Albanian kids playing football in Kumanovo, MacedoniaTeteks fans celebrate a goal.
All photos © James Montague

Back in May I was in Macedonia covering the on going political crisis (well, crises). There is now an impasse, with pro and anti government camps outside various buildings. The EU is trying to mediate, but seems to make no one happy.

To understand something of what is going on in Macedonia I decided to visit two football clubs from Tetevo. This is the heartland of Macedonia’s minority ethnic minority population and the only majority Albanian city in the country. The city has two teams: the wealthy Shkendija (who represent the Albanian population and whose fans are hardcore Greater Albanian nationalists) and Teteks, who represent the city’s shrinking minority Christian Orthodox population.

I visited Shkendija’s training ground, met one of the leaders from the club’s hard core ultras and then went to the Macedonian Cup Final, where Teteks were playing Skopje based club Rabotnicki, and filed this report for the BBC World Service’s World Football Show.

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