Delayed Gratification: Issue 18


The new issue of Delayed Gratification, the world’s only slow journalism publication, is out now.

Issue 18 — which covers world events that happened in January, February and March 2015 — features a look at what happened next for French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, a guide on de-extincting (is that a word?) the mammoth plus how to preserve Iraq’s Sherwood Forest.

The issue also has a story by Dutch journalist Mitra and I about the mass exodus of Kosovar’s into the European Union via the Hungary-Serbia border.

For four months we tracked the huge increase in people leaving Kosovo, from Pristina bus station in early December 2014, to the Serbian border town of Subotica where migrants were living in horrific conditions in sub-zero conditions, and across the border into Hungary, where a tiny village with an ultra-right wing mayor was struggling with its new and unexpected arrivals.

We kept track of what happened to the migrants and refugees who we met — from Kosovo, Syria and Afghanistan — and returned to Kosovo where whole towns had been emptied out, and spoke to families who had gambled their life savings on a better life but had been caught and sent back.

At one point ten thousand people were crossing the unprotected Hungary-Serbia border a day. The ultra right ring mayor called for a wall to be built to keep migrants and refugees out. Which is exactly what the Hungarian government is now planning to do.

You can buy the new issue of Delayed Gratification here.

Each issue costs £12 (but we ship world wide). A subscription starts from just £36 a year.

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