Thirty One Nil wins Football Book of the Year Award

Haiti 2 Getting the stadium ready1 Brazil Girl before Confeds final5 American SamoaAll photos © James Montague

June saw the 2015 British Sports Book of the Year awards take place at Lords in London. Thirty-One Nil had been nominated for for the TalkSport Football Book of the Year. I’d assumed it had zero chance, as it was up against some pretty strong competition. Plus I saw that Paul Hawksbee and Andy Jacobs — of TalkSport’s Hawksbee and Jacobs fame — were handing out the award.

When Thirty One Nil first came out I went on the show to talk about the book, minnows and the football loving public’s adoration of underdogs. I wouldn’t exactly call the following discussion a spat as such, but we had a proper discussion about whether minnows like San Marino should ever be allowed to play the likes of England or whether those games are a waste of time.

So, I was content with the free bar. But somehow it won, which was a shock as I didn’t have a speech planned. A massive thanks to the Football Writers’ Association for picking the book from an amazing field. Plus to Andy and Paul. The discussion carried on afterwards, on camera. Here’s the highlights of the awards show, which went out on Sky Sports. The football award comes on at around 11 minutes.

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