My first ever article was for the New Statesman over a decade ago. It was awful. Not because of the subject matter. It was about a man in Bournemouth who had set up his own Dutch-style cannabis coffee shop and who was procuring his weed from a network of pot growing grannies eager to supplement their meagre state pensions.

Gold dust, in other words.

But I had somehow managed to screw it up and it got cut from 2000 words to 500. Brutal, but necessary. When I read it back recently, it was so bad I wondered how I hadn’t been thrown out of the building after filing it. Still, I learned from it and It didn’t put be off. Proof that sometimes you need your stuff ripped to shreds before you can improve.

Over the years I’ve written The New York Times, CNN.com, World Soccer, Delayed Gratification, The Blizzard, GQ, Esquire, FourFourTwo, The Guardian, the Daily Telegraph, The Observer, the New Statesman (remarkably, they let me write for them again), Josimar and 11Freunde.

Here’s some examples of my work. At least what I can find online.

The New York Times


The New Statesman

The Guardian



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